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Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions

Your Transaction’s Success Is Our Priority

Property is an investment in your future, whether you are an individual purchasing a residential home or you are operating on behalf of your business. It is important to protect these complicated transactions with the help of a skilled attorney from O'Donnell, Weiss & Mattei, P.C..

Based in the Philadelphia metro area, our team will ensure that your interests are protected from the first meeting through the resolution of your matter. We handle transactions involving a spectrum of real property, both residential and commercial. There is a reason why our firm has lasted since 1955: our outstanding dedication to our clients’ successes.

Your Partner In Real Estate Transactions

With a team of several attorneys who collectively bring decades of experience to the table, there are very few issues related to real estate law that we do not handle. We help clients throughout southeast Pennsylvania who face a variety of concerns, including:

  • Residential real estate issues: Facing a property purchase, a property sale, title concerns or other matters when the property is your home can be overwhelming. Our lawyers help you understand mortgage documents, purchase agreements and everything else.
  • Commercial real estate concerns: Commercial property has its own set of restrictions and issues, such as lease agreements. Attorneys experienced in commercial real estate ventures make it much easier because you will not have to bring in another party.
  • Selling without a realtor: Leaving out a realtor is not only possible, but it can be more advantageous as well. Our team is able to take on everything a realtor can do for you.
  • Real estate investments: Our attorneys frequently advise investors who are interested in growing their commercial or residential real estate portfolios. You can rely on them for insight into lucrative real estate deals.

In addition to these areas, our team handles title insurance and municipal law issues such as zoning. Our team has deep experience in each of these areas, which is a benefit to our clients. In many cases, a real estate transaction that appears simple can turn complex very easily. Because of their breadth of practice, our lawyers are able to take on any complication that may arise.

Negotiating Terms Of Real Estate Transactions

The terms of your future transaction could make or break you financially. Whether you are making a real estate purchase or sale, you would be wise to have our lawyers on hand to advocate for you. The many complex clauses involved in real estate contracts mean that you could sign away important rights inadvertently if you do not have counsel to protect you. In addition, our attorneys are skilled negotiators who do not hesitate when it comes to bargaining assertively for favorable contracts on your behalf.

Attorneys Who Are Also Title Agents

Our legal team contains licensed title agents as well. This makes our attorneys particularly knowledgeable regarding any title issues that arise. They can even circumvent the need to seek outside title agents for some title problems. If an issue with the title arises during the real estate closing, you have a knowledgeable team that can help you understand what to do next. There is another advantage: While title agents cannot provide legal advice, our team can.

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When so much is at stake, get a knowledgeable team to protect your best interests. To get the help of an experienced real estate attorney, call O'Donnell, Weiss & Mattei, P.C., today. You can reach our Pottstown office by calling 610-323-2800 or our Phoenixville office by calling 610-917-9347. You can also send us an online message through our contact form.