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Slip And Fall

Slip And Fall

You Should Not Suffer Because Of Someone Else’s Mistake

When a person slips and falls on a floor, sidewalk, stair or another surface on someone else’s property, they may think it is their fault, or they are just clumsy. However, the situation can be much more complicated than that.

We Know You’re Not At Fault

Broadly speaking, homeowners, building owners and parking lot owners are responsible for providing a safe and hazard free place. If you are injured because they failed to fulfill that responsibility, you may have a “slip-and-fall” case.

While there is no sure way to determine when someone else is legally responsible for your slip-and-fall accident, such cases turn on whether the property owner acted reasonably to prevent a slip-and-fall accident from occurring, and whether you were careless in not seeing or avoiding the obstruction or obstacle that caused you to slip and fall. Proving this in negotiation or court is key to getting a successful outcome for your case.

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