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Real Estate And Land Use

Real Estate And Land Use Lawyers Offering Legal Assistance For Your Real Estate Needs

O'Donnell, Weiss & Mattei, P.C., understands both the business, and legal, ramifications of buying, selling or developing real estate and has earned an excellent reputation in the execution of real estate transactional matters among Southeastern Pennsylvania and Philadelphia metro buyers, sellers, developers, realtors, insurance agents, and mortgage brokers and lenders.

Our Real Estate And Land Use Services

We offer broad-based advice and representation in real estate matters such as:

  • Tax assessments and appeals – Representing property owners in challenging assessments or appealing unfavorable tax outcomes;
  • Lien priority questions – Providing information involving creditor payments, competing claims or other matters;
  • Mechanic’s liens – Liens that contractors and subcontractors place on a property to collect their debt;
  • Land use problems and zoning questions – Helping property owners navigate the laws and regulations involving the use and development of their land;
  • Provide guidance on buying and selling real estate – Advising clients on legal issues related to the transaction, ensuring the transaction is legal and in compliance with the related laws and regulations, providing title insurance and handling real estate closings, etc.;
  • Refinancing mortgages – Overseeing the refinancing process so that it is compliant with the law, and reviewing the new mortgage to protect client interests; and
  • Disclosure information – Review and advice through real estate transactions to ensure the buyer has the necessary information in their transaction.

We are also licensed title insurance agents, which allows us to conduct real estate settlements, provide both lender and owner title insurance policies, and provide legal guidance throughout the whole process with seamless efficiency.

Investing In Real Estate? Why It’s Important To Talk To A Real Estate Attorney

Real estate investments are a great way of building wealth and securing financial stability. However, the intricacies involved in property transactions make it essential to engage the services of a real estate attorney. Here’s how an attorney can significantly enhance your investment strategy:

  • Risk management: An experienced attorney can keep aspects of a real estate transaction legally sound and in compliance with relevant laws. They scrutinize an investment property’s history and legal status to detect any potential issues that could affect your investment, such as undisclosed liens, zoning problems or disputes over property lines.
  • Long-term legal security: By crafting clear and enforceable agreements, real estate lawyers prevent potential disputes and litigation from ambiguous terms or overlooked legal details. That gives your investment property a secure future.
  • Strategic negotiations: Real estate attorneys bring their negotiation skills to the table, often securing terms that better serve your financial and investment goals. Their understanding of the implications of each clause allows them to advocate effectively on your behalf.
  • Regulatory guidance: As regulations surrounding real estate can be complex and varied depending on the location, having a lawyer with specific knowledge of property law is invaluable. They guide you through regulatory landscapes, ensuring the investment complies with all current laws and ordinances.
  • Conflict resolution: Should conflicts or disputes arise, your attorney is your first line of defense. They have the skills and legal strategies to handle disputes efficiently, often resolving issues before they escalate to costly legal battles.

Engaging our legal services can help make certain your commercial property investment is secure, compliant and optimally structured for long-term success. With our law office’s guidance, you can approach the challenges of real estate investment with confidence, knowing that every detail of your transactions is handled with professional care and precision.

What Does A Real Estate Attorney Do That A Real Estate Agent Cannot?

While a real estate attorney and a real estate agent can both help in certain areas of a transaction, a lawyer can offer legal advice, and representation, through any legal issue that may arise, develop and review legal documents, and ensure all facets of a transaction are compliant with the law.

Types Of Real Estate

We can represent you in the purchase and/or sale of many different types of real estate. Common examples of real estate that we work with include: homes, investment or rental real estate, commercial, residential, developed and underdeveloped, etc. No matter what type of real estate you are dealing with, we can help ensure you are protecting your best interests in your case, no matter how complex it may seem.