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Moving Forward Through Divorce

Divorce is a life-changing decision. Indeed, it’s a difficult situation for everyone. Feelings of anger, hurt, panic, loss and even fear are common. O'Donnell, Weiss & Mattei, P.C., understands the kind of physical, emotional and financial disruptions divorce can have on a family. A member of our divorce attorney team will help you understand your choices and navigate you through the uncertainty with calm and confident legal counsel. We are dedicated to keeping the financial and emotional costs of divorce as low as possible.

It All Starts With A Few Questions

Every situation is different. We recommend setting up a consultation with a OWM Law divorce lawyer to help address these questions and more as they relate to your situation so that you and your lawyer can determine your best options.

What is a ‘No-fault’ divorce?

How long does it take to get a divorce in Pennsylvania?

What kind of information and documentation do I need to supply when filing for a divorce?

What is the difference between spousal support and alimony?

Can I live at the same address as my spouse and collect spousal support while separated?

How are my retirement benefits calculated in a divorce?

What are my tax obligations if I transfer the house to my spouse as part of the divorce settlement?

Divorce after 50… what are the issues to consider?

Contact OWM Law Today

You don’t have to go through this challenging time alone. A divorce lawyer can help. Call OWM Law today at 610-323-2800 to learn more. We look forward to speaking with you.

Legal Talk

Melissa A. Iacobucci, Esquire and David S. Kaplan, Esquire discuss how someone can prepare for an initial divorce consultation with a family law attorney.