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Sound Guidance For Estate Administration And Probate Questions

When a family member or friend has passed and has named you as an executor under his or her will, OWM Law attorneys can assist you with the probate and estate administration process. Probate begins with registering the will with the appropriate County’s Register of Wills Office. The probate process intends to sort out the transfer of a person’s property at the time of death. Estate administration involves working with families and heirs to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are carried out. Estate administration can get complicated and emotional depending on the relationships of the family members to the deceased at the time of death, the complexity of the estate, property title issues, creditors who have attached liens to the property and other debts.

OWM Law‘s probate attorneys can guide how to best inventory and evaluate estate assets, settle up with creditors, address claims against the estate, meet and mediate with family members and distribute the assets according to the wishes of the deceased and the law.

Reach Out Today For Help

Call OWM Law‘s probate attorneys to help you navigate the legal probate process and aid in estate administration by sorting through outstanding financial obligations, addressing contested claims and guiding you in the distribution of assets by the deceased’s wishes. Call 610-323-2800 to speak with a probate lawyer today.

Legal Talk

Rebecca A. Hobbs, Esq., CELA,  Kathleen M. Martin, Esq., CELA, and David A. Megay, Esq. discuss the estate administration process, including the role and responsibilities of the person appointed as the Executor or Administrator.

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