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OWM Law represents many municipal bodies in Southeastern PA and New Jersey. Our extensive legal expertise in understanding, interpreting, clarifying and litigating municipal regulations, along with our keen understanding of the organizational, legal and administrative responsibilities of governing bodies, enables us to represent them in a variety of ways. Our municipal law attorneys in Phoenixville and Pottstown PA provide efficient and effective guidance on issues such as negotiating and documenting construction contracts, land use regulations, subdivision development ordinances, site plans, rezoning, and dispute resolution. OWM Law understands the importance of monitoring the pulse of the surrounding community when dealing with the complex and sometimes sensitive nature of these issues.

How We Can Help You

Let OWM Law’s municipal/land lawyers help you manage and litigate local government law.

Call 610-323-2800 to speak with a Municipal Law Attorney in Phoenixville or Pottstown today.

What is municipal law?

Municipal law refers to laws specific to a municipality (a city, town or county), such as zoning, land use, property taxes and so on. The municipal litigation attorneys at OWM Law have a deep understanding of the local laws in municipalities in Southeastern PA and NJ.

Why you need a municipal litigation attorney

Land use and zoning purposes – If you’re planning to acquire and develop land, you need to be sure you are abiding by all local laws. Having a skilled municipal litigation attorney on your team can help the process go smoothly.

Local Municipality Information

Looking for information about the municipality you live in? Check-out the links below.

Montgomery County

Chester County

Berks County


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