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Help With Modifications For Custody and Spousal Maintenance

Life is full of changes, and sometimes they can call for the modification of previous divorce agreements. No matter what your reason for a modification is, it is important to have a skilled lawyer help make your voice heard while presenting your case for updating your divorce agreement.

At O'Donnell, Weiss & Mattei, P.C., we know that dealing with modifications can be a sensitive and contentious process. We are adept at navigating these legal waters, working toward solutions that minimize conflict and promote positive outcomes for all parties involved. We want to help you through your family law needs, no matter how challenging they may seem.

When Modifications May Be Possible

Not every request for a modification will be approved by a court. There needs to be a valid and serious reason for the proposed changes. Modifications to custody or spousal maintenance are not taken lightly by the courts and require substantial evidence of a significant change in circumstances. You might need to consider a modification of custody or spousal maintenance if:

  • There has been a substantial change in your financial situation.
  • Your child’s living situation has changed, affecting their well-being.
  • You or your ex-spouse are relocating to a distance that impacts the current arrangement.
  • The needs of your child have changed due to age, health or education.

An attorney can be a valuable ally in the modification process, helping to negotiate terms and navigate the legal system with your best interests in mind. A skilled lawyer can also aid in presenting a compelling case to the court, addressing any disputes professionally and striving to reach an agreement with less bickering and stress. Whether you need to modify a divorce agreement or defend it from proposed modifications, make sure you have an attorney at your side to help you.

Getting Guidance Through Your Modification Needs

If you’re considering a modification to your custody or spousal maintenance agreement, let us guide you through the process. Meet with an attorney you can count on to provide the support and advocacy you need to make the transition as smooth as possible. We proudly serve the Southeast Pennsylvania area, so contact us today by calling 610-323-2800 or emailing us here to learn how we can assist you in adapting to life’s changes with grace and confidence.