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Upcoming Information Sessions

May 21, 2019

Rebecca A. Hobbs, Esq. is speaking at Pottsgrove High School Library, Pottstown, PA on 5/21/19 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. regarding Special Needs Trusts, with The ARC of Pennsylvania and with Thomas Kalejta of Kalejta Financial Management (contact Jane Leonard from Kalejta Financial at 610-831-2195 for more information or view the event flyer here.

Legal Talk

As seen on PCTV

Basics of Estate Planning (May 2019)

Thomas P. McCabe, Esq. and Joseph K. Koury, Esq. discuss the four fundamental documents that are essential to have when planning for your estate needs: Will, Financial Power of Attorney, Living Will, and Healthcare Power of Attorney.

Your Local Law Firm

Our law firm started all the way back in 1955, when William O'Donnell, Jr., Alvin L. Weiss and Emidio J. Mattei first put up our shingle in Pottstown. Since then we have grown to thirteen attorneys, a dedicated group of assistants and paralegals, and a second office in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

All of our lawyers share the same dedication to being the hometown law firm for all of Southeast Pennsylvania.

Upcoming Events

The following attorneys have an upcoming presentation, workshop, or Chester County Night School Seminar scheduled:

  • David A. Megay, Esquire
  • Rebecca A. Hobbs, Esquire
  • Thomas "Tip" McCabe, Esquire


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