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Looking for advice regarding a legal matter? OWM Law attorneys have authored numerous articles that may help you get a handle on complex issues. Some of these articles deal with everyday matters such as consumer fraud and credit card debt, while others detail more complicated legal issues such as gift taxes and elder law. Make this the starting point for researching your issues, then pick up the phone or use the handy “Contact Us” form at left to start a conversation with us. OWM Law can help.

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Please visit our blog to read about the latest firm news as well as articles regarding estate planning, business planning, elder law, real estate, and other timely subjects.

Assistance For Seniors, Medicaid, Long Term Care Insurance

Automobiles, Seniors and Insurance

Caregiver Issues

Housing Issues

Investments, Annuities, Joint Accounts

Medicare Issues

Scams, Identity Theft

Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Gift Tax