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Guiding You Through A Complicated Process

OWM Law Elder Law Attorneys care about the rights, dignity and long-term financial, mental and physical health of our senior citizens. In fact, you can say we are quite passionate about the subject, as you can tell by the wealth of information in the publications section of our website. OWM Law can help guide you or your aging loved one through a myriad of elder law issues such as:

  • Understanding insurance plans – including Medicare and Medicaid
  • The need for guardianship
  • Selecting and financing of nursing home care
  • Getting access to public benefits
  • Age discrimination
  • Abuse
  • Consumer fraud
  • Living wills and end of life treatment
  • Estate planning and tax issues

Seniors have unique concerns and questions. Being elderly does not automatically equal being incapacitated, but when such issues do present themselves, good planning can be extremely valuable. It happens all too often that even well-meaning assistance can have disastrous results in this area of law, which is why consulting with a skilled elder law attorney is so important. One way of telling whether an attorney is skilled in elder law is to look for a CELA. What is a CELA? It stands for Certified Elder Law Attorney.

The National Elder Law Foundation (NELF) uses CELA as the gold standard of elder law legal services. Certified Elder Law Attorneys are required to pass an examination, practice elder law for at least five years, and undergo a review by their peers and colleagues.

According to NELF, there are only about 500 CELAs in the United States. Our attorneys, Rebecca A. Hobbs and Kathleen M. Martin, are among the few Certified Elder Law Attorneys in the Montgomery, Chester and Berks County areas.

Speak With A Lawyer Regarding Your Options

Contact one of our CELAs to guide you or a loved one through the complex issues that can impact the long-term health and security of senior citizens. You can reach our office at 610-323-2800, or send us an online message any time of the day or night.