As of June 8, 2020, OWM’s physical office locations are open for scheduled appointments and real estate settlements, adhering to all State and CDC guidelines for safe business operations.

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Protect Your Business With A Lawyer’s Help

Whether you are a small family business or a large corporation, a partnership, joint venture, sole proprietorship, limited liability corporation or nonprofit organization, there will be times that you will need sound legal counseling for your company.

At O'Donnell, Weiss & Mattei, P.C., our team of business lawyers will guide you through business formation, drafting and negotiation of contracts and agreements, meeting the formal obligations for a business entity, and many other business matters. We consider ourselves part of your “business team” and represent the business interests of many companies in the Tri-County area.

Why You Need A Business Lawyer

From our perspective, if you want your business to prosper, you need a business lawyer. Don’t rely on “self-help” legal guides; that’s not a suitable replacement for an educated and experienced lawyer.

Also, it is essential to consider how you’ll protect your business from future lawsuits. When operating a business, mistakes can be costly. That’s why you need help from a business lawyer to review your documents, policies and employment agreements. Cutting corners could result in future lawsuits from ex-employees.

Finally, there may come a time when you decide to sell your company. In a situation like this, it’s critical to have an experienced business lawyer on your team, to negotiate the financial arrangements.

How We Can Help You

Let our skilled legal counselors and business lawyers help you achieve your business goals by navigating you through the legalities of today’s demanding business environment.

Call 610-323-2800 to speak with a business attorney today.