The Problem with Real Estate Transactions and Powers of Attorney

Real Estate Transactions and Powers of Attorney

I do not know why, but we have seen, and experienced, an unusual uptick in the use of Powers of Attorney by people buying and selling real estate. I do not know if it is a coincidental increase in the frequency and will pass as an anomaly, or whether the public is expecting that real estate transactions will be held remotely, through a Power of Attorney, as opposed to the “old model” of everyone showing up at the settlement table. Powers of Attorney are, of course, appropriate when either the Seller (most likely) or the Buyer (less likely) are incapable of attending closing by reason of living out of state/out of the country, traveling or incapacitated by a medical condition. Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more instances of Powers of Attorney being used by people who just plain do not want to be bothered with attending closing. This creates a problem.

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OWM Newsletter – Spring-Ford Counseling Services

FEATURE ARTICLE – “Non-Profit Series: Spring-Ford Counseling Services” by David A. Megay, Esquire.

STAFF SPOTLIGHT – Meet OWM Law’s Estate Department

OWM FIRM NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS – Kathleen M. Martin, Esq., CELA, Thomas P. McCabe, Esq., and David A. Megay, Esq. have upcoming information sessions.

PCTV – Watch the Current and Previous Episodes of Legal Talk.

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OWM Blog – Spring-Ford Counseling Services

OWM Law has been serving the Tri-County Area, in the provision of all aspects of legal services, since 1955. We have been located at the same office in Pottstown for 63 years (41 High Street). We opened our Phoenixville office in 2006 (347 Bridge Street). Please contact OWM Law offices for all of your personal and business legal needs.

In addition to serving the Tri-County Area’s personal and business legal needs, the attorneys at OWM Law serve the non-profit community in the Tri-County Area in many capacities including, but not limited to, as Solicitors for charitable organizations, members of Boards of Directors, etc. I am proud to affiliate myself, as a member of the Board of Directors, with Spring-Ford Counseling Services. Spring-Ford Counseling Services is located at 201 North 4th Avenue, Suite 101, Royersford, PA 19468. Spring-Ford Counseling is a non-profit agency, established in 1994, that serves the Tri-County Area’s mental health needs. …

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OWM Blog – Spotlight on TriCounty Active Adult Center

As part of our continuing spotlight on area non-profit organizations, and also as part of the celebration of Elder Law Month in May, two (2) attorneys from OWM Law met with Brian Parkes, the Executive Director of the TriCounty Active Adult Center (TRAAC) which is formerly known as the Pottstown Area Senior Center. …

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OWM Newsletter – Phoenixville Public Library

FEATURE ARTICLE – Joseph K. Koury, Esq., LL.M. discusses the history of the Phoenixville Public Library and the success it has in providing the community with public library services.

STAFF SPOTLIGHT – Meet Susan A. Minnick, Legal Assistant

OWM FIRM NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS – Rebecca A. Hobbs, Esquire, CELA, Melissa A. Iacobucci, Esquire, David A. Megay, Esquire, and Kathleen M. Martin, Esquire, CELA have upcoming speaking engagements.

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OWM Blog – Phoenixville Public Library

The Phoenixville Public Library is your local library that is also a member of the Chester County Library System. The Chester County Library System is a “federated” system, meaning there is a District Center Library located in Exton, with seventeen (17) member libraries throughout the County, all of which are able to combine resources. The Phoenixville Public Library is, in a typical month, the third-busiest member library in terms of material circulation.

Additionally, the Phoenixville Public Library is a Carnegie Library, built with money donated by Andrew Carnegie at the turn of the 20th Century. However, the library existed before that time, through an arrangement unique among libraries that are members of the Chester County Library System: the library, as it exists now, began at the end of the 19th Century as a component of the Phoenixville Area School District. That fact is reflected in the composition of today’s Board of Trustees of the Phoenixville Public Library, where the school district holds two of nine seats, and also by the fact that the school district provides the library with over fifty percent (50%) of its operating revenue through a tax appropriation. …

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OWM Newsletter – OWM Law & SCORE TriCounty: A Partnership for the Benefit of the Tri-County Business Community

FEATURE ARTICLE – David A. Megay, Esquire and Thomas Gosse, Certified SCORE Mentor, discuss the history of SCORE and the objective of SCORE’s volunteers to provide free and confidential expert business advice.

STAFF SPOTLIGHT – Meet Ashley Kincaid, Estate Paralegal and Marketing Assistant.

ATTORNEY RETIREMENT – Victoria S. Hollister, Esquire retires from OWM.

OWM FIRM NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS – OWM Estate Department presents FREE Workshop: “So You’ve Been Named an Executor – Now What?”

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OWM Blog – OWM Law & SCORE TriCounty: A Partnership for the Benefit of the Tri-County Business Community

For over sixty (60) years, OWM Law has been the “go to” law firm in Montgomery, Chester, and Berks Counties for business law and business planning services. OWM Law provides a wide-ranging array of legal services for all types of businesses and for all sizes of business, large and small. OWM Law counsels’ businesses that have been in existence for many years, as well as those that have just started. In addition, the attorneys at OWM Law advise individuals who are considering the pros and cons of starting their own business from scratch. The attorneys at OWM Law negotiate, prepare, review and revise various and assorted business agreements. We counsel our business clients on their legal rights and responsibilities in various and assorted business contexts. We represent businesses as they consider purchasing other business entities. We represent clients who are considering selling their assets and/or corporate structure. We work with our clients and their accounting advisors (i.e., CPAs) on all the above issues. We work with our clients’ CPAs as to whether the client should be incorporated (and, if so, which corporate entity they should choose…corporation? Sole proprietorship? Partnership? “S” or “LLC” corporate entity?). Look to OWM Law for all of your business law needs. …

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OWM Newsletter – TriCounty Community Network Shines the Light on Local Non-Profits Through the Amazing Raise Campaign

TCN is working to problem solve on our community needs, providing collaboration, partnership and leadership on issues that matter to all of us. It is a collaboration of non-profits, for-profits, and other interested community members who work together to solve community issues and service gaps by coordinating efforts. TCN also helps build capacity in all interested member organizations through support services and membership benefits.

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OWM Newsletter – The Colonial Theatre – Bringing the Arts and Entertainment to Phoenixville

The Colonial Theatre is located right in the heart of downtown Phoenixville and has been a centerpiece of the community for over 100 years. Most recently, it has been one of the key anchors in the revitalization of Phoenixville’s downtown, providing arts and entertainment to the area’s residents.

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