Do I Need to Wait One-Year Before I Can be Officially Divorced?

Divorce Waiting Period in PA

Divorce Waiting Period in PA

I recently spoke to a client on the phone about his divorce, and he asked me “Do I really need to wait one-year before I can be officially divorced?” I hesitated before giving him an answer that lawyers are notoriously known for: It depends.  Pennsylvania is a no-fault state which means neither spouse needs to prove “fault” or marital misconduct on the part of the other.  To obtain a divorce, a spouse must merely assert incompatibility or irreconcilable differences, meaning the marriage has irretrievably broken down.  However, grounds for a no-fault divorce must still be established.

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OWM Blog – How to Prepare for a Divorce Consultation

You’ve scheduled a consultation with a divorce attorney. Now what? For many clients, it’s their first time meeting with a family law attorney – maybe any attorney for that matter– and they have no idea what to expect. This article will help to prepare you for that initial meeting. …

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Why you should avoid filling out legal forms online

Make sure you have “people” when filling out legal forms

legal forms online

During tax season there was a commercial in which a woman was critical of her husband for using purchased computer software to prepare their tax return.  When her husband stated that he was “stuck,” she said, “Let’s ask the box.”  The point was that the user of the software did not have anyone to consult when he ran into problems or had questions.  They did not have “people.”

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Custody Contempt

custody contempt

Understanding Custody Contempt

Custody cases can be contentious. Parents are pitted against each other trying to prove they are the “better” parent.  Many times, parents can reach agreements on their own as to how they want to share custody, and if they can’t reach an agreement, they must go to trial and a judge will enter an order determining the custody schedule. But, having an agreement or order does not necessarily mean your custody case is over. Parties still must follow the terms of these agreements and orders, because if they don’t, the other party can file for contempt. That makes sense. If one party doesn’t obey an order, he or she should be found in contempt. Easy, right?

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Child Custody Presentation at the 6th Annual Chester County Single Mothers’ Conference

chester county child custody

On April 14, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at the 6th Annual Chester County Single Mother’ Conference at Henderson High School in West Chester.  The free conference was devoted to encouraging, educating and empowering single mothers in their role as sole provider for the family.  More than seventy (70) exhibitors and speakers provided resources and activities including workshops, clinics and demonstrations on parenting, self-defense, custody, child support, finances and more.  The conference was organized by the Chester County Community Collaborative in partnership with the Chester County Women’s Commission.

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OWM Blog – Child Support in Pennsylvania | High Income Cases

Child Support in Pennsylvania

As I was browsing the internet the other day, I came across the following headline: “Kevin Federline is Making Child Support Money Grab.”  The name Kevin Federline may not sound very familiar, but I bet if I told you who his ex-wife is, your memory may be refreshed.  Kevin Federline, or K-Fed as he is affectionately known, is the ex-husband of Britney Spears.  As someone who grew up listening to Britney and is now a family law attorney – we’ve obviously taken different career paths – I was instantly intrigued and clicked on the article.  Kevin and Britney share physical custody of two sons, and recently, Kevin reached out to Britney about renegotiating the amount of child support she pays to him.  According to the article, Kevin has asked for double the whopping $20,000 he currently collects monthly from Britney.  The basis for his request is Britney’s success as a headliner in Las Vegas.  According to one article, her Las Vegas residence brought in more than $137 million.

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New Tax Law Eliminates Alimony Tax Deduction

A few things are certain when going through divorce, but the tax status of alimony payments was always a given.  Alimony, which is support provided by one ex-spouse to the other after a divorce has been entered, has historically been deductible to the payor and includable as income for the payee.  That is no longer permitted. On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which took effect on January 1, 2018.  The new law eliminates the tax deduction for alimony payments.  As such, alimony payers will no longer be permitted to deduct alimony on their taxes.

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OWM Newsletter – Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

FEATURE ARTICLE – Rebecca A. Hobbs, Esquire, CELA and Melissa A. Iacobucci, Esquire discuss the issue of grandparents raising grandchildren and the importance of formalizing the relationship with a guardianship or custody action.

STAFF SPOTLIGHT – Meet Andrea Pirelli and Faye Stoudt of OWM’s Title Insurance Department.

OWM FIRM NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS – David A. Megay, Esquire and Kathleen M. Martin, Esquire, CELA have upcoming speaking engagements.

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OWM Blog – Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

The U.S. 2010 Census revealed that in Pennsylvania, 239,819 children under the age of 18 live in homes with grandparents or other relatives (this is 8.6% of the children in Pennsylvania.) However, in the majority of these households, grandparents do not have a formal legal relationship with their grandchildren. This article explores legal options for grandparents raising grandchildren and explores the legal challenges a grandparent may face. …

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