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How can apps help you with co-parenting?

After a divorce, communication with your ex might be messy at best. If the two of you share kids, the situation becomes even more complicated. Fortunately, there are ways that you and your former spouse can co-parent without being physically together.

According to USA Today, using apps can help with shared custody.

Interactive calendars

An interactive calendar makes it easier for parents to collaborate and keep track of the child’s schedule. You can add important dates, such as extra-curricular events, practices or doctor appointments. Additionally, you can include which days or weeks belong to you or your former spouse.

Messaging platforms

If you worry that communication with your ex may devolve into a fight, then the messaging platforms on some of the parenting and divorce apps can help keep things civil. For instance, some apps have a secure message board that flags emotionally charged language. Before you send the message, the app can warn you to change the language or change your mind about sending it at all. Additionally, apps can record all conversations between the two of you.

Payment trackers

If one of you needs to pay child support or alimony, there are apps available that can help you track the money. Not only can you track how much money one spouse sends or receives, but you can also track other expenses. For example, if your spouse does not believe that you need as much child support as you receive, you can track the expenses for your child to prove to him or her how much it really costs to raise a child.

Coparenting allows parents to interact in a non-traditional and efficient way while avoiding conflict.

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