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3 issues to consider for divorce after 50

When you divorce after the age of 50, you may have to make considerations that would not be an issue for a younger couple. It is not a matter of divorce being easier or harder for couples who are older or younger. It merely means that the difficulties you face when you divorce after 50 are different than those faced by couples divorcing in their 30s.

Divorce among people over the age of 50 has been increasing more than in other age groups for approximately 20 years. There are many reasons behind this trend. Whatever is behind your desire to split from your spouse, there are certain issues you will have to face specific to your demographic.

1. Health and health care

Divorce is a major stressor that can affect your health at any age. However, if you already have underlying age-related conditions, it may make these symptoms worse. It is not only physical health but also mental health that can suffer. There may be a link between elevated depressive symptoms and divorce after 50.

Divorce may also affect your access to health care. If you don’t work, you may rely on insurance coverage from your spouse’s job. If this goes away after the end of your marriage, it may be a challenge to find affordable coverage if you are not yet eligible for Medicare.

2. Caregiving

You may have expected that your spouse would take care of you if you were ever unable to do so yourself. After your divorce, you may wonder who will care for you if you eventually need it. Following your divorce, you need to set aside funds for long-term care and make alternative plans.

3. The family home

When you have lived in the same home during most or all of your marriage, you may be reluctant to leave all the memories it contains behind. However, it may not make sense for you to keep the family home and assume all financial responsibility for upkeep, taxes, etc.

These are just a few of the issues that can arise due to divorce after 50. You should identify those relevant to your situation and prepare for how to address them.

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