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What should you say on social media about your divorce?

Going through a divorce may leave you feeling isolated and alone. Being able to talk with someone else and share your concerns can help you process your emotions and identify solutions as you recreate your future. 

While you may feel inclined to air your grievances on social media, you will probably end up regretting your irrational behavior. Understanding the appropriate way to discuss your situation can help you avoid unnecessary pain and embarrassment. 

Avoid oversharing

Sharing too much about your situation can make people feel uncomfortable. Using social media as your platform for announcing your discontent can complicate matters further. When you give intimate details about your circumstances, people may form biased judgments about you which can only worsen your feelings of loneliness. You can articulate your thoughts in a manner that informs others of your divorce without divulging too much information. 

If you feel that your story could benefit other people, you may desire to share your experiences. According to INC, you can empower others with your story when you consider your audience, the context and the situation. Keeping the details of your circumstances private allow you to maintain your integrity and dignity. 

Speak kindly

Considering your marriage, you and your spouse probably share some friendships. You may even share professional contacts. Speaking unkindly of your spouse, especially using online platforms, can not only damage your spouse’s reputation, but hurt yours as well. What’s worse, depending on the ages of your children, they may see your posts. Your intentions to roast your spouse could inadvertently alter your children’s perception of their other parent or cause them to lose respect for you. 

You should probably refrain from sharing anything about your divorce on social media unless you have carefully considered the consequences. If you do say anything at all, use grace and kindness in your response to prevent negative consequences from interfering with your case. 

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