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Working through your divorce during a health scare

As if the divorce process is not hard enough, dealing with a serious health problem adds significantly more stress to an already emotional situation. Regardless of the medical condition from which you suffer, health battles are particularly devastating for those who are bringing their marriage to an end. However, you need to focus on your divorce and avoid negative emotions that can get in the way of securing your interests.

Unfortunately, some people fail to handle their divorce appropriately because of serious health concerns, which can have a long-term impact on their life. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that more than 782,000 couples in 45 states and D.C. got a divorce during 2018, and many of these people likely had to deal with health concerns during their divorce.

The consequences of health problems during divorce

From losing sleep to having difficulty concentrating and struggling with intense pain, health problems can interfere with divorce in many ways. If you feel overwhelmed as a result of physical or mental health concerns, you need to approach your divorce carefully and also focus on your well-being. In fact, some people feel very relieved after ending a toxic marriage and this can lead to various improvements in their lives, including their health.

The benefits of getting divorced from a health standpoint

Whether you have more free time to focus on yourself or you have a fresh outlook on your life, divorce can lead to many positive changes. Moreover, ending a dysfunctional marriage can lead to career benefits and give people the opportunity to exercise more frequently and pursue their hobbies.

Even though divorce is often tough, think about the different ways in which your life will change after moving on from your marriage and make sure you take advantage of all the resources that are available to you. Make sure that your divorce attorney is well aware of your health concerns so he/she is sensitive to your personal and legal needs, has reasonable expectations of your ability to deal with a stressful divorce, accounts for same when negotiating/litigating your rights and responsibilities in the divorce, determines your continuing medical insurance coverage, etc. Contact OWM Law for a divorce consultation.

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