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What home features are popular with buyers?

If you want to sell your home, regardless of the type of market, you need to find a way to be competitive against the other sellers. One way to do that is to understand what buyers want and to make your home stand out from your competition.

U.S. News and World Report explains that there are some home features that can help your home to better catch the eye of buyers and help you sell your home faster.

Central air

Central air is important for hot summers when the humidity reaches unbearable levels. Putting a central air system into a home is incredibly expensive. Homebuyers want your home to already have this feature so that they do not need to make the investment.

Natural light

You need to showcase the natural light in your home. It helps rooms look bigger and more inviting. Buyers crave a home that has plenty of natural lighting throughout. You can stage your home to play up this feature as well.

Attached garage

Winters in our parts can be tough, and no homeowner wants to have to trek back and forth to a garage that is far away from the house. An attached garage makes everything easier, from those winter mornings to grocery day. It is even better if the attached garage has plenty of storage space.

Walk-in shower

A walk-in shower is ideal for a buyer who plans to live out their lives in the home. It is safer and provides more room. Many buyers consider it a luxury feature, which can boost your bottom line.

Walk-in closets

Another high-end feature that buyers love is walk-in closets. People always want more storage, so buyers will delight in seeing large closets in your home.

Discuss the above with your Listing Real Estate Agent, if applicable, and contact OWM Law when you find a buyer so we can help you with the legal aspects of selling your home (i.e. preparing sales documents, reviewing settlement sheets, etc.).

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