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How have modern child custody agreements changed?

The divorce and child custody atmosphere have rapidly changed over the last few decades. In the past, fathers may see their children only a few days every month. Nowadays, fathers may have sole custody or see a more equal time with their children. Mothers and fathers are, generally, being treated more equally when it comes time to having custody of the children (all things being equal between Mom and Dad).

The new approach to child custody is a more “mindful” one, as opposed to a knee-jerk reaction to the parent’s gender (i.e. Mom or Dad). According to the Chicago Tribune, parents may have a new focus and approach to child custody. No matter how challenging it is for the adults involved, the point of a fair child custody agreement is what works best for the child.

Do parents focus on their desires?

In the past, a child’s happiness might not be the biggest factor in choosing a custody agreement. Traditionally, it was the mother who made decisions and had the biggest influence as to who received custody and how much time the father had with his children. Nowadays, the focus is not on the parents but on the children’s well-being…as it should be! Some parents may even choose to swap in and out of the family home, whereas the children are the only consistent people residing in the former marital residence.

Are children happier with both their parents?

Numerous studies have been conducted showing the psychological impact that joint custody has on children of preschool age. Preschoolers of divorced parents, who see both, have fewer psychological problems. Even children who bounce from home to home are more likely to see fewer behavioral issues than children who live predominately with one parent.

Modern custody agreements take facts like this into consideration. A child’s happiness and psychological benefits are crucial deciding elements.

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