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For sale by owner: Why you need an attorney

Your home is probably the biggest investment you have ever made, and will ever make, in your life. Anytime you deal with anything regarding your home, it is important to make sure to protect yourself. This is especially true when you go to sell. While you can use a real estate agent to sell your home for you, some people decide on the “for sale by owner” route (i.e. “FSBO”).

For sale by owner, as the name suggests, is just another way to say that you are selling your home without the help of a real estate agent. If you decide to embark on this path, you should get help from an attorney to help you avoid common issues that could cause you trouble.

An attorney can provide you guidance for legal issues that may come up along the way. For example, if you have liens or if this is a short sale, it may help to have an attorney’s guidance to navigate these issues. Your attorney can also draw up contracts and assist you with negotiations. He or she can complete the legally required paperwork, and handle closing, as well.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that your attorney can handle the legal aspects of selling your home, but he or she will probably not handle the other aspects. You will still need to market your home and conduct showings. It will be up to you to attract and seal the deal with a buyer. If you feel confident in doing this, then, with the help of an attorney, you can make your for sale by owner situation successful.

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