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How can shared custody benefit your child?

As a parent in Pennsylvania, going through a divorce or negotiating with the other parent of the child, you will have to decide what type of custody is best for your child. Do you want to argue for sole physical custody (an extreme and rare scenario), or do you think that a shared physical custody arrangement would be more beneficial? Let’s take a look at the possible benefits of shared physical custody.

FindLaw highlights the difference between sole physical custody and shared parenting in regard to how each situation may impact your child. The courts will consider the best interests of the child when determining the physical custody schedule.

First, studies have shown that children of shared physical custody have fewer behavioral problems. They tend to have an easier time making friends their age and do not act up as often in school. They seem to get into trouble with authority figures less frequently.

Second, children of shared physical custody seem to have an easier time adjusting to life post-divorce. It is not uncommon for children of divorce to suffer from anxiety, depression, or even PTSD. If these mental health issues were pre-existing before the divorce, said split may worsen them. However, children of shared physical custody appear to have an easier time coping with divorce and the life changes that follow.

Third, these children have a healthier bond with both parents. Children in sole physical custodial arrangements tend to develop a solid bond with their primary care custodian. This can cause imbalances in other aspects of their life. Having the chance to bond equally with both parents is possibly a stabilizing factor in a child’s growth.

Please consider the above factors before pursuing custody. If you need help deciding, contact us for some additional guidance.

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