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Staff Spotlight: Donna E. Day – August 2018

Staff Spotlight: Donna E. Day - August 2018

This month is the last in our Staff Spotlight Series, and we are focusing on the firm’s Legal Administrator. A Legal Administrator is the Office/Business Manager for a law firm. They wear many hats and are responsible for multiple areas of operation, including Finance and Accounting, Human Resources and Employee Benefits, Information Technology (IT), Facilities, Marketing and Business Development and General Office Services. We would like to introduce our OWM Legal Administrator, Donna E. Day.

Donna began her career in law firm management in 1987. She spent several years managing two firms in the Reading area, and even had a brief stint managing a plastic surgery practice, but chose to return to law firm management, and joined OWM Law in 2005. Donna has been with OWM Law for almost thirteen (13) years, and enjoys the variety of the work, the interaction with the lawyers and the staff, and the ongoing professional development required to meet the ever-changing demands of her many areas of responsibility. She is a member of the Independence Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators and the Greater Pottstown Chapter of SHRM, and feels both organizations are valuable resources to her in her position.

Donna lives with her husband, Tim, in Fleetwood, PA. They have four daughters, three grandchildren, two dogs and a cat. In her spare time, Donna likes to travel (except for the flying part), spends time with extended family, and right now, is busy planning weddings for two of her daughters!

As we close out our Staff Spotlight series we hope our readers have enjoyed learning a little bit more about the many people who work behind the scenes at OWM Law. We also want to take another moment to thank all of our staff members and attorneys for your contributions to the OWM team. We value each and every one of you and look forward to continuing this journey together!

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