Custody Contempt

custody contempt

Understanding Custody Contempt

Custody cases can be contentious. Parents are pitted against each other trying to prove they are the “better” parent.  Many times, parents can reach agreements on their own as to how they want to share custody, and if they can’t reach an agreement, they must go to trial and a judge will enter an order determining the custody schedule. But, having an agreement or order does not necessarily mean your custody case is over. Parties still must follow the terms of these agreements and orders, because if they don’t, the other party can file for contempt. That makes sense. If one party doesn’t obey an order, he or she should be found in contempt. Easy, right?

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OWM Newsletter – Spring-Ford Counseling Services

FEATURE ARTICLE – “Non-Profit Series: Spring-Ford Counseling Services” by David A. Megay, Esquire.

STAFF SPOTLIGHT – Meet OWM Law’s Estate Department

OWM FIRM NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS – Kathleen M. Martin, Esq., CELA, Thomas P. McCabe, Esq., and David A. Megay, Esq. have upcoming information sessions.

PCTV – Watch the Current and Previous Episodes of Legal Talk.

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What is an LLC?

What is an LLC?

A limited liability company (LLC) is a legal entity formed to operate a business. It provides many of the advantages of a traditional corporation, but it is easier to form and maintain.

There are fewer formal meetings and documentation than with a standard corporation.  All LLC owners are typically protected from personal liability for business debts and claims.  Normally, LLC owners stand to lose only the money that they’ve invested in the LLC.

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OWM Blog – Spring-Ford Counseling Services

OWM Law has been serving the Tri-County Area, in the provision of all aspects of legal services, since 1955. We have been located at the same office in Pottstown for 63 years (41 High Street). We opened our Phoenixville office in 2006 (347 Bridge Street). Please contact OWM Law offices for all of your personal and business legal needs.

In addition to serving the Tri-County Area’s personal and business legal needs, the attorneys at OWM Law serve the non-profit community in the Tri-County Area in many capacities including, but not limited to, as Solicitors for charitable organizations, members of Boards of Directors, etc. I am proud to affiliate myself, as a member of the Board of Directors, with Spring-Ford Counseling Services. Spring-Ford Counseling Services is located at 201 North 4th Avenue, Suite 101, Royersford, PA 19468. Spring-Ford Counseling is a non-profit agency, established in 1994, that serves the Tri-County Area’s mental health needs. …

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Staff Spotlight: OWM Law Estate Department – July 2018

Staff Spotlight: OWM Estate Department - July 2018This month we are focusing on the OWM Law Estate Department. We would like to introduce, Suzanne Himes, Brenda M. Heilner, Suzanne E. Angelaccio, and Ashley E. Kincaid. In their roles, they regularly communicate with clients, banks, and other external contacts, as well as with attorneys and other OWM employees. Currently, ten (10) of OWM’s thirteen (13) attorneys handle estate administration matters. …

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Medicare Cards: What is New and Why

new medicare card

Medicare beneficiaries, did you get your new Medicare card yet?  I did.  I have been waiting for the new card since it was announced last year that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) would finally comply with the mandate to remove the beneficiary’s Social Security number from the Medicare card.  My new ID number is reminiscent of the temporary password issued when you cannot remember your current password, a string of numbers and letters that make no sense.  That is the point, however, since identity theft was so easy when so many entities had copies of my Medicare card. …

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