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Staff Spotlight: Erica R. Weiherer – June 2018

This month’s Staff Spotlight is shining on Erica R. Weiherer. Erica has been a Paralegal in OWM’s Family Law Department since November, 2016. She is the Legal Assistant. Erica is a NALS ALP (Accredited Legal Professional), a member of the Montgomery County Paralegal Association, and is also a Notary Public.

Erica has been working in the legal field for approximately eleven (11) years, with four (4) years in plaintiffs’ asbestos litigation in Northern California, and seven (7) years in family law in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  She used to work in OWM’s Pottstown office, but recently transferred to our Phoenixville office.  Erica lives in Limerick with her husband, Chris, and son, Ingmar.  She enjoys spending time with her family and watching classic and current episodes of the British television show, Doctor Who.

Many thanks for all of your hard work, Erica!  We appreciate everything that you do and are happy to have you as part of our OWM team!

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