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Month: February 2018

OWM Blog – The Role and Responsibilities of an Executor

Finding out that you have been selected to be a family member’s Executor can be both an honor and a huge time commitment. Although each estate administration varies depending on the complexity and issues that may arise, there are certain duties of an Executor that are...

OWM Blog – Tax Time and Health Care Related Tips

Some of us are gathering information for our tax returns for the tax year 2017.  Here are three things to keep in mind before we hit “send” on that tax return due on April 17, 2018.   It is necessary to report whether you had health insurance or not. Despite the...

Staff Spotlight: Barbara J. Brenton – February 2018

This month’s Staff Spotlight is shining on Barbara J. Brenton. Barbara is a Legal Assistant to one of the Principals of OWM Law, David S. Kaplan, Esquire.  Barbara assists Attorney Kaplan with matters regarding Social Security Disability, Estate Planning, and Estate...