OWM Blog – Grandparent Custody

Grandparent Custody in Montgomery County PAGrandparents are a fixture in many children’s lives.  You find them at their grandchildren’s sports games, talent shows, birthday parties, award ceremonies, and the like.  Many times, their involvement is a given, and grandchildren don’t think twice about their presence. In fact, for some children, grandparents are like a second set of parents. But, as a family law attorney, I occasionally have clients who are not permitted to see their grandchildren.  These men and women simply want a relationship, sometimes something as simple as the opportunity to take their grandchild out for a meal, but their children (the parents of their grandchildren), do not allow any contact or communication. As grandparents, what rights, if any, do you have to see your grandchildren?

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OWM Blog – Determining Whether a Child Is Disabled for Social Security Purposes

Social Security for Disabled Children in PABy definition a person is a child if they are under the age of eighteen (18).  Social Security law and regulations have separate criteria for children and for adults.  We are only looking at the criteria for a child in this paper.

Social Security has established what are referred to as “Listings of Impairments” which are included as an appendix to its regulations.  For each of the major body systems, the Listings describe impairments that are considered severe enough to establish disability.  The fifteen (15) categories that currently exist are very specific in their criteria.  Medical condition must be regarded as having “marked” limitations in two domains (defined below) of functioning or an “extreme” limitation in one domain.

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OWM Newsletter – OWM Law & SCORE TriCounty: A Partnership for the Benefit of the Tri-County Business Community

FEATURE ARTICLE – David A. Megay, Esquire and Thomas Gosse, Certified SCORE Mentor, discuss the history of SCORE and the objective of SCORE’s volunteers to provide free and confidential expert business advice.

STAFF SPOTLIGHT – Meet Ashley Kincaid, Estate Paralegal and Marketing Assistant.

ATTORNEY RETIREMENT – Victoria S. Hollister, Esquire retires from OWM.

OWM FIRM NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS – OWM Estate Department presents FREE Workshop: “So You’ve Been Named an Executor – Now What?”

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OWM Blog – OWM Law & SCORE TriCounty: A Partnership for the Benefit of the Tri-County Business Community

For over sixty (60) years, OWM Law has been the “go to” law firm in Montgomery, Chester, and Berks Counties for business law and business planning services. OWM Law provides a wide-ranging array of legal services for all types of businesses and for all sizes of business, large and small. OWM Law counsels’ businesses that have been in existence for many years, as well as those that have just started. In addition, the attorneys at OWM Law advise individuals who are considering the pros and cons of starting their own business from scratch. The attorneys at OWM Law negotiate, prepare, review and revise various and assorted business agreements. We counsel our business clients on their legal rights and responsibilities in various and assorted business contexts. We represent businesses as they consider purchasing other business entities. We represent clients who are considering selling their assets and/or corporate structure. We work with our clients and their accounting advisors (i.e., CPAs) on all the above issues. We work with our clients’ CPAs as to whether the client should be incorporated (and, if so, which corporate entity they should choose…corporation? Sole proprietorship? Partnership? “S” or “LLC” corporate entity?). Look to OWM Law for all of your business law needs. …

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OWM Blog – Estate Planning for Young Families with Children

Estate Planning in Pottstown & PhoenixvilleAs a mother of two young children, I am often surprised to discover that many of our friends and family who also have young children do not have an estate plan. When I ask them why, the response is often “I don’t have an estate to plan for.”  Many families with young children are just starting out and have not yet begun to accumulate wealth. However, estate planning during this stage of life is still very important. One of my biggest treasures in my life are my children, and establishing a plan for them in the event that my husband and I would pass away simultaneously is a big priority.

Additionally, I have found that many young parents fail to consider that if both parents would pass away simultaneously there may be term life insurance policies through employers as well as a 401(k) and other retirement accounts paying to their minor children and they need to plan appropriately for those assets.

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Victoria S. Hollister – Retirement

Victoria S. Hollister - RetirementOWM Family Law Attorney, Victoria Hollister, retired at the end of September.  Vicky is a native of Berks County and currently lives in the Reading area.  She attended Penn State University and Temple University School of Law and was admitted to practice in Pennsylvania in 1987.

After 10 years practicing law, Vicky decided to take time off to raise her three daughters.  Upon returning to work several years later, instead of law, she began teaching English at St. Gabriel’s Hall in Audubon.  In 2008 Vicky returned to the practice of law and joined OWM’s Family Law Department.

During her tenure at OWM Law, Vicky represented clients in Berks, Chester and Montgomery counties.  She also represented many pro bono clients in Berks County through Mid-Penn Legal Services, also through the Women’s Center of Montgomery County and the Montgomery Child Advocacy Project (MCAP).  Vicky has been very active in the Berks County Humane Society in recent years, and previously with the Girl Scouts and the Owen J. Roberts Odyssey of the Mind Team.

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