Elder Law Attorneys in Montgomery, Chester & Berks County

OWM Elder Law Attorneys care about the rights, dignity and long-term financial, mental and physical health of our senior citizens. In fact, you can say we are quite passionate about the subject, as you can tell by the wealth of information in the publications section of our website.

OWM Law can help guide you or your aging loved one through a myriad of elder law issues such as:

  • Understanding insurance plans - including Medicare and Medicaid
  • The need for guardianship
  • Selecting and financing of nursing home care
  • Getting access to public benefits
  • Age discrimination
  • Abuse
  • Consumer fraud
  • Living wills and end of life treatment
  • Estate planning and tax issues

Seniors have unique concerns and issues. Being elderly does not automatically equal being incapacitated, but when such issues do present themselves, good planning can be extremely valuable. It happens all too often that even well-meaning assistance can have disastrous results in this area of law, which is why consulting with OWM Elder Law Attorneys in Montgomery, Chester & Berks County is not only helpful, but necessary.

What is a CELA?

CELA stands for Certified Elder Law Attorney.


The National Elder Law Foundation (NELF) refers to CELA as the gold standard of elder law legal services. Certified Elder Law Attorneys are required to pass an examination, practice elder law for at least five years, and undergo a review by their peers and colleagues.

According to NELF, there are only about 500 CELAs in the United States. Our attorneys, Rebecca A. Hobbs and Kathleen M. Martin, are among the few Certified Elder Law Attorneys in the Montgomery, Chester and Berks County areas.

Why You Need an Elder Law Attorney

  • Nursing Home Care Planning – If you plan on moving into a nursing home at some point, it’s important to know what you can do to prepare for the long-term costs. A knowledgeable elder law attorney can do the heavy lifting for you, and help you determine what long-term care plan is best for you.
  • Creating a Trust – Not sure how to make a trust or what type of trust is best for you?A trust can be an amazing estate planning tool, and an elder law attorney can help you plan accordingly.
  • Medicaid, Funding a Burial Reserve, Pre-Paying Funeral – Part of a Medicaid spend-down can include funding a burial reserve or pre-paying for your funeral. An elder law attorney can help you setup an account and fund it properly. Click here to view the 2018 burial limits for Montgomery, Chester, Berks and the rest of Pennsylvania.
  • Living options for the elderly – Not every elderly person needs to be placed in a nursing home. An elder law attorney can provide you or your aging loved one with the necessary resources, so that you can make informed decisions on living arrangements.
  • Creating a Living Will – Do you have a living will? If not, you should have one. When a person reaches an end-of-life stage and is incapacitated, a living will directs a doctor to provide medical treatment according to your wishes. An elder law attorney from OWM Law can help you create a living will legal document.

How We Can Help You

Contact OWM Law's Elder Law attorneys to guide you or a loved one through the complex issues that can impact the long-term health and security of senior citizens. 

Call 610-323-2800 to speak with our team of elder law attorneys in Pottstown and Phoenixville today. 

Click here to view the available Chester County Night School adult education courses regarding elder law taught by Kathleen M. Martin.

Rebecca A. Hobbs, Esq., CELA provides a brief explanation of what Elder Law is.


Additional Assistance


Visit our "Local Agencies" links at right for topics of interest to senior citizens, including adult day care, Meals on Wheels, medical assistance, Medicare, nursing home facilities and assistance with placement in such facilities, in-home & residential personal care, senior centers, transportation for senior citizens, and other agencies of interest to senior citizens.


The Montgomery County Bar Association has published an Elder Law Handbook that is specific to elders living in Montgomery County. It is now available online in Adobe Acrobat. (Due to the size of the Handbook, it may be slow to download.) This guide is also available in disc format from the Montgomery Bar Association, 100 West Airy Street, P.O. Box 268, Norristown, PA 19404-0268; telephone 610-279-9660; fax 610-279-4321.

Important Phone Numbers

Montgomery County APPRISE:
Federal program hosting information services on Medicare and other insurance services.

Norristown Office: (610) 278-3911
Chester County Office: (610) 344-5004

The Montgomery County Office of Aging and Adult Services 
Provides information regarding Aging Services, Adult Services and Community Services including referral services, casework and care planning, health and education programs, and long-term care services. Some locations include:

Central Office, Human Services Center, Norristown, PA: (610) 278-3601
Pottstown District Office, Pottstown, PA: (610) 327-9203