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What is Title Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Title Insurance: Real Estate Lawyer in Montgomery County PAThe above questions are almost always considered by those who are buying real estate or refinancing their mortgage, whether out loud, under their breath, or in their thoughts, as they ponder all the cost and expenses of a real estate settlement.

Usually it does not matter whether you’re a first-time home buyer, an existing home owner, or a seasoned real estate investor.  The expense of title insurance is usually the third largest of settlement costs, behind financing/mortgage costs and Pennsylvania Realty Transfer Tax.

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OWM Blog – Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation: Family Law Attorney in PALast year around this time, I wrote an article which could probably be best described as a primer on parental alienation.  At the time of its publication, I had not personally observed much, if any, parental alienation in any of my own cases.  However, since that time parental alienation has been a relevant factor in a few of my cases.

Recently, I was working on a case in which a custody evaluation was performed by a psychologist because Mother claimed that Father’s behavior was alienating the child from Mother.  For example, Father told the Child that Mother stole Child’s cell phone; Father also refused to answer Mother’s emails requesting updates about the Child.  Mother shared her concerns with the custody evaluator who concluded that Father’s behavior did not rise to the level of parental alienation but was better described as “subtle interference” in the Child’s relationship with Mother.

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OWM Newsletter – TriCounty Community Network Shines the Light on Local Non-Profits Through the Amazing Raise Campaign

TCN is working to problem solve on our community needs, providing collaboration, partnership and leadership on issues that matter to all of us. It is a collaboration of non-profits, for-profits, and other interested community members who work together to solve community issues and service gaps by coordinating efforts. TCN also helps build capacity in all interested member organizations through support services and membership benefits.

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OWM Blog – What is Probate and How Do You Do It?

Probate Attorneys in PennsylvaniaTo launch our new blog, we decided to address a topic that tends to be misunderstood, that is, probate.  The word “probate” tends to invoke negative feelings. It is almost as if probate is a big conspiracy to get individuals to pay money to an attorney and to a court when it appears unnecessary. We can assure you that probate is not as big, bad, and scary as many think. And, as much as I enjoy a good conspiracy theory, “probate” is not part of a conspiracy to take your money. That being said, there are definitely tricks and tips that can help simplify your estate and cut down on estate administration expenses upon your passing. Planning ahead by making sure your estate plan is in order is the best way to save money for your heirs.

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OWM Newsletter – The Colonial Theatre – Bringing the Arts and Entertainment to Phoenixville

The Colonial Theatre is located right in the heart of downtown Phoenixville and has been a centerpiece of the community for over 100 years. Most recently, it has been one of the key anchors in the revitalization of Phoenixville’s downtown, providing arts and entertainment to the area’s residents.

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OWM Newsletter – Tax Assessment Appeals – Are Your Real Estate Taxes Too High Because of an Inaccurate Assessment of Your Property?

Over the last decade there have been severe economic impacts to the value of real estate in Pennsylvania as well as the rest of the United States. Those severe impacts to the value of real estate have caused inaccurate assessments of commercial and residential real estate.

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